Roman Reigns on Wanting to Be on Cover

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Roman Reigns on Wanting to Be on Cover

Although Roman Reigns is one of WWE’s top stars, he just recently made it on the cover of the latest WWE 2K games. He has headlines 4 different WrestleMania events, but he never got the praise from the fans before his battle with Leukemia.

Roman Reigns was given a massive push by the WWE after The Shield broke up, but the fans rejected him. He was booed in almost every arena he went to. These days, he has built a huge fan base for himself and has continued to impress fans with putting out great performances.

Reigns revealed that he felt envious when he saw Seth Rollins appear on the cover of a WWE 2K game. He said that he was desperately looking to find a way to be on the cover himself of a future title. "This means a lot, and it's something I've been chasing," Reigns said.

"When I saw Seth [Rollins] on the cover and the commercial that he did, I'm not going to lie—I was so happy for him—but it was so cool that it did make me envious. To be a part of this process and see this one come to life, it's pretty neat.

This is one of those things as a WWE superstar, you want to have this opportunity, you want to be on the cover." Reigns is still part of some interesting WWE storylines.