Nikki Cross explains how the indy scene prepared her for NXT and WWE

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Nikki Cross explains how the indy scene prepared her for NXT and WWE

After not being mentioned during the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-up, Nikki Cross was confirmed to have been drafted to the Raw brand on the May 8 taping of Main Event (aired on May 11). After weeks without appearing on Raw, Cross returned on May 13 in a backstage scene with Alexa Bliss; this marked a change in her character, who appeared calmer and more collected than during her time in NXT.

In the segment, Cross, seemingly sad and claiming that nobody even noticed that she had joined Raw, appeared to bond with Bliss, whose ring gear had been lost, and accepted to fill in for her in her upcoming match; Cross won her match later that night, a fatal four-way match against Dana Brooke, Naomi, and Natalya.

This was her first match on Raw since February. She later unsuccessfully took part in the Money in the Bank ladder match at the Money in the Bank event, having replaced Bliss who suffered an injury. After the event, Cross, having become Bliss' "best friend", started acting as her manager and tag team partner, starting on the May 19 episode of Raw during which she, Bliss and Becky Lynch defeated Lacey Evans and the IIconics.

In a recent interview with, Cross explained how the indy scene prepared her for NXT and WWE: “I think that independent wresting just really showed me that if you really put your mind to something, you will reach your goals and you’ll achieve what you want to achieve.

The scene on the independent scene was such a rush. … I got to travel the world. I got to wrestle in Japan and wrestle in Europe and wrestle in Canada and wrestle all over the United Kingdom. So I really got to see the world before coming to NXT.

That’s where I worked with different styles, worked with different people, and I gained so much life experience. … You know, I started in wrestling when I was 18 years old, so I feel like all my adulthood has been in this world, been in wrestling.

So I’ve had so many amazing, amazing experiences that I just wouldn’t change for anything, because it really made me who I am as a person."