Conrad Thompson on Staying Neutral

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Conrad Thompson on Staying Neutral

Conrad Thompson is one of the most well-known figures in the professional wrestling industry. He has a bunch of high profile connections and that is the reason why many people know him. He is also the brains behind the Starrcast conventions.

Conrad is close to All Elite Wrestling and the WWE. The wrestling promotions are probably going to go to war with each other soon. At some point, people will have to pick their sides. The losing team will most likely lose everything and in the process never be the same in the wrestling industry again.

Conrad has so far remained neutral and that is a very difficult thing to do, given the current situation. He might have to pick a side someday, but he spoke about how he stays neutral during a conference call. "Well I'm just a fan.

I know that sounds silly but I'm really only doing one thing outside of podcasting and that's the convention. This is the last one I have scheduled and I'm on good terms with both sides. I'm good friends with Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff and my sister-in-law [Charlotte Flair] works [in WWE].

I have a lot of friends in WWE and that's also the case with AEW," Thompson said. "I knew when I was doing Vegas [Starrcast II] that I was gonna do Chicago [Starrcast III]…but after this it's just sticking to podcast for a while.

Right now I have two guys on the AEW side and two guys on the WWE side and then Arn Anderson. So me and Arn Anderson are kinda Switzerland now."