Kylie Rae Has Been Released by AEW

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Kylie Rae Has Been Released by AEW

A number of WWE wrestlers have been released over the past few years due to many reasons. Some of them asked to be released, which is something that many casual fans don’t really understand. WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion of the world, so shouldn’t it be the ultimate destination for most wrestlers in the world? Many wrestlers fail miserably after joining a large promotion.

Even the talented ones sometimes do not work well under pressure and cannot deal with backstage politics that are usually part of large wrestling promotions. All Elite Wrestling is also a big wrestling promotion. Of course, they are not as big as the WWE yet, but wrestlers still need to work really hard and the promotion wants them to work hard.

Kylie Rae has been released from AEW, and she actually asked to be released. According to a recent Twitter post, there are “no hard feelings” between the wrestler and the promotion. Kylie was signed by the AEW and made her debut a while back.

She could not compete at AEW All Out because she was injured and probably that is the reason why she asked to be released. Probably the injury is so bad that she knows that she can’t compete anymore. Meghan O'Keefe was the one that wrote about Kylie on Twitter: “Tony Khan just said that Kylie Rae asked to be released from her contract, no hard feelings. Backstage at #AEWAllOut”