Rick Bassman on Crowd Reactions

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Rick Bassman on Crowd Reactions

Many wrestling promoters believe that delivering entertaining matches are more important than delivering good technical matches. Most people do not really care about the technical aspect of wrestling. They just want to see some high quality action.

Wrestling promoters take note of how the crowd is reacting. If the crowd is on the edge of their seats, it means that they are enjoying. If the crowd reacts positively to a certain move by cheering, it means that they want to see more of that move being performed.

If the crowd does not react to a particular move or spot, it means that they do not really care about that move or not. That is how wrestling promoters such as Rick Bassman plan out matches. Rick is the owner of Ultimate Pro-Wrestling and he used to work with the WWE at one point.

John Cena used to train at that promotion before he joined the WWE. "Whatever the lack of high-flying, incredible five-star match or whatever...we watched these matches," stated Bassman. "Obviously, we're watching them on mute so I've been paying more attention to crowd reaction than I ever probably did prior to this.

I look at the fans, I mean, they went nuts. They loved it. It was significant to them. Therefore, you can't really say that it wasn't a home run of a match. Obviously, it's something that lives on all these years later."