The Miz on the Intercontinental Title

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The Miz on the Intercontinental Title

The WWE has a bunch of important titles in the promotion. One of the most well-known WWE title belts is the WWE Intercontinental title. Even the most casual fans know about it and they believe that it is important. Many storylines are made around the title, and winning it looks good on a wrestler’s resume.

The Miz is a former Intercontinental Champion. It isn’t the biggest tile that he has won, but it was one of the biggest titles that he won in the WWE. He is also a former WWE Champion and was one of the best heels in the company at one point.

The Miz is not part of any big storylines but he will fight Shinsuke Nakamura for The Intercontinental Title soon. He posted on Instagram and paid tribute to the title. The intercontinental Title has a big history and the first champion was Pat Patterson.

"September 1, 1979, 40 years ago today, Pat Patterson became the first Intercontinental Champion. He brought a work horse mentality to that title. Fighting anyone, anywhere. All the way through the 80's the IC Title was held by the best of the best in-ring performers.

All my favorites held this prestigious title. It was the title that as a kid I would make in art class and act like my heroes”. The Miz has won the intercontinental Title a total of 8 times. He has been champion for a combined total of more than 550 days.