Bayley Wants to Wrestle Liv Morgan

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Bayley Wants to Wrestle Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan is one of the most underused female superstars in the WWE right now. She is by no means talentless, but many people would say that she is not championship material. She kind of has the same charm that Alexa Bliss has, but she isn’t very good at cutting the kind of promos Bliss can.

Her recent tweet, “Let me Liv” is gaining popularity on Twitter. It is so famous now that Bayley noticed the tweet, and she is the current Smackdown Women’s Champion. Bayley conversed with Liv on Twitter, and ended the conversation with "How many times I gotta ask?" This is probably implying that she wants to wrestle her and put her title on the line.

Liv Morgan recently posted a video on Twitter of her cutting her pink hair. She fought on WWE TV back in July, where she lost to Charlotte Flair. Flair was at that time one of the top female wrestlers and was in the title picture.

Liv has tried her best to get noticed by the WWE officials so she could get more time on WWE TV. Liv is one of the many superstars that have not been used regularly by the WWE. She spoke about that a few months back and wanted to be featured more on WWE TV. The WWE has so far not found any use for her, but Bayley might change all that.