Lacey Evans on Being a Marine

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Lacey Evans on Being a Marine

Many WWE superstars over the years have quit the WWE. They simply could not work in the WWE, as the company requires all of its wrestlers to work hard. They are also given a very tight schedule and they hardly get time to recover from injuries.

Some wrestlers have to work multiple times a week even after being injured. The famous wrestlers are the ones that have to work a lot, and most cannot deal with that. Ryback and CM Punk are examples of such wrestlers. The WWE used them even when they knew that the wrestlers needed rest.

Lacey Evans is a Marine and she is quite tough. That is one of the main reasons why the tough WWE schedule does not bother her. She spoke about the Marine Corp preparing her for her WWE run. "The military and being a Marine has set me up to be and do what I can do, considering I don't have any of the experience as a sports entertainer," Evans said.

"I didn't watch the product growing up. I came from literally nothing into this, but you have to be ready at all times. You have to be ready at airports at 3 AM, ready to hit the road. I have my daughter at my hip, I have my husband, [my daughter] is in school - there are a lot of things that I juggle”.