David McLane on Being Family Oriented

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David McLane on Being Family Oriented

Most wrestling promotions of the world focus solely on the male audience. They know that generally, males enjoy watching wrestling more than females. Wrestling is a brutal sport, and blood is involved in it sometimes as well.

Some of the moves that are performed in the ring are quite shocking and majority of the females will probably not enjoy such moments. David McLane runs Women of Wrestling and he clearly stated in a recent media call that he wants his promotion to be more family oriented.

According to him, that is what will set his promotions apart from all the rest, which is required by him these days. "I go to some of the other promotions, and I go to their events, or I'll fly to a city to see one of their pay-per-views and you see a male-driven audience," McLane continued.

"In WOW, you see a real family-driven audience and we've got the kids. And that's when I got interested and fell in love with wrestling - when I was a kid. And I see that in WOW, so, I think you'll notice that on the screen”.

David really has to focus on something different because other indie promotions are doing pretty well these days. AEW, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling have their sets of fans which will probably not leave that product.