Danny Cage on The WWE Performance Center

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Danny Cage on The WWE Performance Center

The WWE Performance Center is the largest and the most prestigious wrestling school in the world. The WWE PC is responsible for creating the world’s best wrestlers and a very few of the superstars that train there actually get into a WWE ring and perform for the WWE fans.

These days, the PC is very famous, thanks to the huge number of well established stars that go into it. The Performance Center is not the only wrestling school that is very famous though. The Monster Factory that is owned by Danny Cage is famous as well.

He produces some of the best wrestlers that we see in the world today. Some of them even join the WWE and become stars there. Cage had the rare opportunity to visit the WWE Performance Center. He was asked on the WINLCY podcast about what he thought was good over there.

"I've never been there or trained there before. I would talk to our guys about what they did, but we've been training pretty much this way before the PC even opened," stated Cage. "I started the way Monster Factory trains in 2012 with multiple rings, amateur mats and utilizing the weight room.

It was really cool to see the seven rings, people reporting to the weight room and promo classes. Top to bottom there were millions of things going on and all of these working parts with everybody doing something…It was really cool."