Danny Cage on WWE Wanting Different Talents

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Danny Cage on WWE Wanting Different Talents

The WWE tries to keep all of its products fresh by regularly bringing new people in. There was a time when the WWE only focused on bringing in fresh faces and they could not afford to hire the best wrestlers of the world all the time.

That all changed when the WWE bought WCW and they became the number 1 wrestling promotion in the world. Now they generate millions of dollars every single year and can afford to hire the best wrestlers on the planet. They do that and they produce fantastic wrestlers themselves.

Some indie wrestlers do not join the WWE, but most of them do. Danny Cage was invited over to the WWE Performance Center recently. He runs the Monster Factory which is the second largest professional wrestling school in the US.

He spoke about the WWE being a mishmash of every type of talent in the world. “For years WWE just wanted fresh faces. Then the thing was big time athletes and then it's we wanna establish independent talent. Now I think it's like a hodge podge of everything," said Cage.

"They want the fresh faces, the new indie talent, the people making noise and the people who have potential and grab them up beforehand." The different in the sizes of talents is pretty large these days in the WWE and that sometimes effects storylines.