Baron Corbin on King of the Ring

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Baron Corbin on King of the Ring

Baron Corbin is a one-time United States Champion, the winner of the third annual André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 and the 2017 Money in the Bank men's ladder match. He is also a former offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL), as well as a three-time Golden Gloves champion and former grappling champion.

Corbin competed in a Universal Championship No. 1 Contender's battle royal. He eliminated Rey Mysterio before being eliminated by Rollins (who lost the championship to Brock Lesnar following the tag team match the previous night).

Corbin was announced as a one of sixteen competitors in the King of the Ring. After over a month away from Raw, Corbin returned on the August 19 episode; he and McIntyre lost to The Miz and Ricochet. The following week, Corbin defeated The Miz in the first round of the tournament.

During a long interview with Sporting News, Corbin reflected on King of the Ring: “I think there’s a lot more pressure when you bring a tournament into it. You have single elimination and it’s something that can make a guy’s career.

It’s a moment that will be remembered forever. I try to make those moments in my career and there are so many of them that I find special. Debuting at WrestleMania and winning the Andre (the Giant Memorial Battle Royal), those are moments that people fight 10, 12 years for, throughout their whole career.

When you get something as special as King of the Ring, you look at the Hall of Famers who have won that. It’s incredible what kind of level it takes them to from (Steve) Austin to Booker to Hunter (Triple H) and Bret (Hart), these guys are icons in what we do.

They’re all people we looked up to for years. To get your name on a list with those guys, that’s something truly special."