Ryback on NXT going to USA

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Ryback on NXT going to USA

Immediately after announcing his WWE departure, Ryback announced that he would be taking independent bookings. It was announced that Reeves would wrestle at Rumble in Rockland for Northeast Wrestling on August 25, his first non-WWE appearance.

He also appeared on August 27 for Northeast Wrestling at Wrestling Under the Stars 5. In WrestlePro, he won the WrestlePro Tag Team Championship with Pat Buck at the WrestlePro event in New York. "The Big Guy" Ryback did his first UK appearance since leaving WWE for Revolution Pro Wrestling, defeating Gideon Grey and Rishi Ghosh.

Ryback appeared at a Wrestlecon event on March 30 where he defeated Colt Cabana. On August 5, 2017, Ryback defeated "Swagzilla" Sean Kustom to win Australia's Rock & Roll Wrestling's World Championship.

He has not lost a match on the independent circuit since August 2017. In a recent interview with Wrestling INC, the former WWE superstar commented on NXT going to USA: “It’s great for all the NXT talent getting that exposure, but now I’m curious about whether or not they are going to reconstruct their deals now that they are going to get television time.

From a WWE standpoint, they have now taken the developmental territory, which has evolved as the years have gone on, and have turned it into their own brand. When we were down in Florida Championship Wrestling, we didn’t have a lot of what these guys have now and pay structure is also different.

These guys have merchandise and things of that nature. Now that they are on television, they are now going to be able to do their actions figure selling better and being able to market their talent better now that they do with Raw and SmackDown”.