Stone Cold Set to Moderate Contract Signing

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Stone Cold Set to Moderate Contract Signing

Public contract signings usually never go well in the WWE. When was the last time we saw tables not being flipped and the wrestlers involved not beating the absolute crap out of each other? Professional wrestling is all about entertaining the fans, and quite often, the fans forget about that.

Contract Signings are nothing more than a segment which are used to further storylines. They are not supposed to be taken seriously. A contract signing was about to take place this week on RAW. The wrestlers involved were Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins.

Rollins and Strowman will do battle at the WWE Clash of Champions. Rollins WWE Universal Title will be on the line at the event. This will be Strowman’s first real opportunity at getting a major title victory in the WWE.

The signing did not go as well as planned as OC attacked the wrestlers. Legendary WWE wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin stated on Twitter that he would moderate next week’s contract signing between the two wrestlers.

"I got an idea. Next week on #Raw, let's complete this Championship Contract Signing, only this time it'll be moderated by good ol' #StoneCold @steveaustinBSR. And that's the bottom line cause I said so.

#WWEMSG," Austin wrote. Stone Cold probably wants to make a return to boost ratings for his show “Straight Up Steve”. Stone Cold is no longer an active wrestler.