WWE RAW Nominated for Big Award

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WWE RAW Nominated for Big Award

WWE RAW is one of the most popular TV Shows on the face of the planet. It has been running for almost forever its seems and things continue to get better and better for them each year. They had a few ups and downs recently, but the WWE is slowly and steadily starting to rise again.

Most of it stems from the fact that the WWE knows that if they don’t do well, All Elite Wrestling will take them over. Also, even the smaller indie promotions now have their huge sets of fans. Indie professional wrestlers are getting better and better every passing year, and they can sometimes perform better than veteran WWE wrestlers.

Even after all that, the WWE RAW still remains the most watched wrestling show on the planet. It has been nominated for the E! People's Choice Award. RAW might actually end up winning the "The Show of 2019" award.

Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Riverdale, Stranger Things, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead and This Is Us are the other nominees. It is true that the WWE has lost some of its best wrestlers to the AEW, but they still regularly produce newer ones.

That is why, the product is getting better, and the WWE is actually listening to some of the feedback that the fans give them. That is why, WWE matches are getting slightly more violent than before.