Creative Change Takes Place in the WWE

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Creative Change Takes Place in the WWE

Dave Meltzer from reported that there was a big change in the WWE Creative Team recently. The change was planned for quite some time now. Ryan Ward is now the former Smackdown lead writer. The word around is that he is on a personal leave.

Vince McMahon has been making a huge number of changes in almost every Smackdown script. That is why; many understood that a change in the creative team was going to happen sooner or later. Vince McMahon is still quite heavily involved in the creative process of the blue brand.

Ed Koskey will be replacing Ryan Ward as the lead writer for Smackdown now. Koskey worked as the head writer of RAW for many years. In fact, he has spent nearly 18 years of his life working for the WWE. Eric Bischoff, executive director of Smackdown, and Koskey will now be working together on the blue brand.

Koskey is also the WWE's Vice President of Creative Writing and is considered WWE’s top writer for over 10 years. Jonathan Baeckstrom will now be the lead writer for RAW. He will be working alongside Paul Heyman for the RAW brand now.

Jonathan was the lead writer for 205 Live. He took the role in November 2016. Paul Heyman was the one that brought him to the RAW brand from 205 Live to work with him.