Zack Ryder on re-buying older figures

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Zack Ryder on re-buying older figures

After joining WWE in 2005, Zack Ryder has since become a one-time Intercontinental Champion, a one-time United States Champion and a two-time WWE (Raw) Tag Team Champion. Ryder began working in the professional wrestling industry in 2004, mainly as a tag team with Curt Hawkins on the independent circuit and then eventually in WWE, where they won the WWE's tag team championship.

After the team split in 2009, Zack made appearances on ECW. After ECW ended, he was featured sparingly on WWE television. In 2011, he started publishing a YouTube web series called Z! True Long Island Story where he proclaimed himself WWE's "Internet Champion", though this championship was not sanctioned by WWE.

This and his use of social networking websites helped him in establishing a fan following and a bigger television role with WWE as a result. Speaking on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Ryder commented on re-buying older figures: “I’m guilty of it too.

I’d sell something and re-buy it and sell it and re-buy it and I’ve done it so many times where now I tell myself when in doubt do not sell and just store it and hold on to it. But I’m guilty of selling stuff as well and then regretting it and buying it again and selling it and buying it back again.

It is an addiction. They do call me the Michael Jordan of wrestling figure collecting and it started off with the toys that I played with as a kid. As I got older and I stopped playing with them I had to go back and re-buy the LJN figures because mine were all chewed up and I had to re-buy the Hasbros and even the Jakks because they were all scuffed up. Once I turned 18 and started going to wrestling school I became more of an adult collector at that point”.