Tegan Nox Debut Details, Bray Wyatt Invites Rowan

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Tegan Nox Debut Details, Bray Wyatt Invites Rowan

Tegan Nox will be making her NXT UK debut according to an announcement made by the WWE. The debut will take place next Wednesday if everything goes well. She will be getting in the ring with Shax. NXT UK Tag Team Champions Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews vs.

James Drake and Zack Gibson are the other events that have been announced for that episode. Webster and Andrew competed for the titles against Drake and Gibson at "Takeover: Cardiff" The event took place on Saturday and they won the titles there.

NXT UK is growing quite fast and is producing some very talented wrestlers. Some of the stars are getting famous throughout the world. Eric Rowan absolutely destroyed Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns this week on Smackdown Live.

He did this after admitting that he was behind the attacks that were conducting on Roman Reigns over the past few weeks. Rowan is now officially a heel wrestler after this act of his. After the episode ended, Rowan posted a bizarre picture which read, "'I've got no strings to HOLD ME DOWN'" Bray Wyatt answered the tweet by writing, "Come home baby boy" Many may have forgotten this, but Rowan and Wyatt were part of the Wyatt Family. The group was one of the most feared groups in the WWE when they were around.