Zack Ryder on what got him into figure collecting

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Zack Ryder on what got him into figure collecting

At the WrestleMania pre-show, Zack Ryder and Hawkins successfully defeated The Revival to capture the titles. The next night on Raw, Ryder and Hawkins made their first successful title defense, defeating The Revival in a rematch.

Following that, the team was largely absent from television mainly appearing on live events. Even though they were the champions, they only made one appearance on WWE programming during the month of May, a loss to the Viking Raiders on May 6.

The duo returned during the 51-Man Battle Royal at the 2019 Super Showdown, but they were both eliminated during the match. On the June 10 episode of Raw, Ryder and Hawkins dropped the titles back to The Revival in a tag-team triple threat match, which also involved The Usos.

Speaking on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Ryder reflected on what got him into figure collecting: “It was LJN figures. I was super young and I don’t remember and people ask me all the time I don’t remember the first match I watched, I don’t remember the first figure I had all I remember is my whole childhood since I was basically a baby involved wrestling and being obsessed with wrestling and the wrestling figures.

I still have all my childhood LJN’s and if you look at them they are all beat up, I was playing with them and I was even biting the fingers off them. But those things were indestructible”.