Byron Saxton Talks about Women on Dr. Phil

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Byron Saxton Talks about Women on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil invited WWE Announcer, Byron Saxton for the Tuesday episode. He appeared and it was a fun segment. Dr. Phil is part of the Oprah Winfrey Network. Saxton was there to help his friend, who hasn’t been a relationship ever.

His friend’s name is Adam and he is 47 years old. Adam wants to get married and have children but he never got into a relationship in his life so he doesn’t really know how to handle women. The Show was called “The 47 Year Old Relationship Virgin"

"I have known Adam for 10 years and it's is absolutely mind-boggling to me, to think that he's never made it to a fourth date with a woman," Saxton told Phil. "Adam met this female, they were talking all night long, right? Well, at the end of the night the girl looks at Adam and says to him, the only reason she was talking to Adam was because she thought Adam was gay," Saxton said.

According to Saxton, Adam doesn’t know how to talk to women properly and comes off too strong. That repels women, and he hasn’t been able to get anyone interested in him at all. A woman, who “friendzoned” Adam, also appeared to talk about Adam and she said the same thing. That is the reason why he will now be known as the 47 year old relationship virgin.