Torrie Wilson on Possibly Returning


Torrie Wilson on Possibly Returning

Ring the Belle invited WWE Hall of Famer, Torrie Wilson for a show. Torrie Wilson is a former WWE Diva and many fans didn’t like the idea of the WWE inducting her into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Torrie was mostly known for her work as a model in the WWE.

She wasn’t even close in terms of wrestling skills to any of the top Divas of her time. Many thought that her being inducted into the Hall of Fame was a joke. Even former WWE superstars criticized the WWE for inducting her.

The WWE released Torrie in 2008. Her last appearance for the WWE was at the WWE Evolution PPV. She competed in the battle royal that took place in that event. Torrie stated that she will train extra hard before returning to the WWE, if she ever does that is.

She wants to prove all the people that criticized her wrong. "I feel like if I ever had another match I'd have to train for six months, make it damn good," Wilson said. "The only reason I would only do that is so that I can shut up the naysayers and even prove to myself that I'm actually a much better athlete today than I was then." Torrie regularly competed in bikini contests and strip style matches. She was never a serious WWE Divas Title contender in her career.

Torrie Wilson