Torrie Wilson on Divas Title


Torrie Wilson on Divas Title

Torrie Wilson was a very good looking and stylish WWE Diva. She was not known very well for her work in the ring. That is why the WWE received a lot of heat when they decided to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame. Many still believe it was a horrible decision and it makes the WWE Hall of Fame look like a joke.

Torrie was a guest on Ring The Belle, where she spoke about a possible WWE return, her bikini competition with Sable and not winning the WWE Divas title. Torrie competed with Sable in a bikini contest. She was wearing a black bikini when she came out, but she took it off to reveal an even smaller one inside.

The WWE thought about making her paint her chest using handprints. "I wish I could say that it was my idea but it was not," Wilson noted. "That was creative's. They came up with it. What they wanted me to do was to paint like Sable did.

I guess it kinda makes sense because I was against her. But all I heard was, 'You want me to paint what? No, I'm not.' So this was like the crossover. We agreed on this one." Wilson was also selected to be the first ever Divas Champion, but that idea did not go through.

It was Michelle McCool who ended up winning actually. "I have recently heard that," Wilson responded. "It is kind of depressing to think about. Give me that belt, I deserve it. They didn't tell us. They didn't tell me."

Torrie Wilson