Lacey Evans on Having No Experience

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Lacey Evans on Having No Experience

Lacey Evans is a female WWE wrestler who made it to the WWE on her own. She is one of the only female superstars that got famous in the WWE, while having little to no experience in sports entertainment. She stated in multiple interviews that she is very strong as she is a member of the Marine Corp.

That helped her reach the top of the WWE. She got famous after she started a feud with Becky Lynch, who was the number 1 female wrestler in the WWE at one time. Lynch is still pretty darn famous. On the Busted Open Radio, Evans talked about reaching the top of the WWE, even though the has no prior experience in sports entertainment.

"I have no prior experience with sports entertainment. I can give two s--ts, excuse my french, because I am what WWE needs and that is what makes people angry, because you have women like Becky Lynch, who stomps around and claims to be 'The Man', and Charlotte Flair, who Daddy [Ric Flair] changed her diapers and prepared her for the success, and then you have Lacey Evans, who comes in and shows them that they will never be half the woman I am," Evans stated.

Lacey Evans is still considered a heel wrestler and she thinks that she is the most stylish wrestler in the WWE today. She also has good cutting promo ability, but lacks the in-ring ability that some of the top female superstars have.