Lacey Evans on Improving with Time

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Lacey Evans on Improving with Time

There are a number of professional wrestlers that absolutely sucked during their early years in the WWE, but still got famous. Some professional wrestlers actually deteriorated with time. There are a number of extremely talented indie wrestlers that never even make it to the WWE.

The WWE only hires those wrestlers that they think will help them generate tons of money. A wrestler has to be good both inside and outside of the ring. Lacey Evans is one of the female WWE Wrestlers that got famous by cutting awesome promos.

She still lacks the wrestling ability that some of the top WWE female wrestlers have. On the Busted Open Radio, she admitted that she requires time to get better at her craft. "You know what, it's going to [take] time - time in this business and learning how to do what it is that is expected of me with all of this light.

However, one thing I have going for me is confidence. No matter what the reviews are for any match that I have with anybody, I am not going anywhere," Evans said. "I am going to continue to learn, and I will be the first to tell you that my in-ring work, my promo work, you name it, is not somebody that has been doing this for 10 plus years”.

Lacey Evans feuded with some of the best female wrestlers in the WWE, and she still has a huge fan following on her social media accounts.