Big E on moving Smackdown to Fox

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Big E on moving Smackdown to Fox

Big E was a collegiate football player at the University of Iowa and later became a powerlifter and a USA Powerlifting champion. Upon signing with WWE in 2009, Ewen was assigned to its developmental brand Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

After FCW was rebranded to WWE NXT, he became the second-ever NXT Champion. Since arriving on the main roster in 2012, he has become a one-time Intercontinental Champion, two-time Raw Tag Team Champion, and a four-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion.

As a part of The New Day, he holds the record for the longest tag team championship reign in WWE history at 483 days. During a long interview with, Big E reflected on moving Smackdown to Fox: “Honestly I think it’s an incredible move.

We’re going to have so many more eyes on what we’re doing, on our product, because it’s Fox, it’s big Fox. … It’s a great opportunity and we’re all excited about the move. It means a lot of opportunity, I think, for more people to see what we do.

People want to stand out and they want to do something that really resonates, not only with our hardcore fans but with with casuals as well. And so it’s kind of a moment for a lot of us to — I don’t know if reset is the right word — but a lot of us see it as an opportunity to do something new, to make an impression and to be a part of something big”.