Sabu on WWE’s ECW Version


Sabu on WWE’s ECW Version

Extreme Championship Wrestling was a very unique promotion. They were the only true no holds barred wrestling promotion. They held matches that were pretty brutal, and no other promotion of their time did that. ECW could not compete with the WWE or WCW, but they had their set of fans.

ECW was not the best at creating storylines. Paul Heyman, who was the president of the ECW at that time, sold ECW to the WWE. WWE basically crushed all of it competition by doing that. WWE started their own version of ECW, but it wasn’t nearly as brutal as it was.

Sabu, who was one of the most popular ECW wrestlers, spoke about WWE’s version of the ECW. He spoke about it on Cut The Promo Wrestling Podcast. "The first few months were fine because it went the way I thought it was where they would let us run with the ball like with the One Night Stand PPV," stated Sabu.

"But it was half WWE and half us and they forced it that way like Randy Orton was on our show and I like Randy Orton, but they brought us in and said we trust you guys. But then when we did the big show we'd bring in these WWE guys so even if we did good, we would not get credit for it." Sabu had a run in the WWE, but he was not very successful and moved on.