Lillian Garcia on Being Allergic to Beer

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Lillian Garcia on Being Allergic to Beer

Lillian Garcia is one of the most famous and most recognized professional wrestling ring announcers in the world. She has taken part in many high profile PPV events and worked as a ring announcer for some of the most important wrestling matches of all time.

Even the most casual WWE fans knew who Garcia was. Back in the day, announcers were friends with some of the professional wrestlers and performer backstage. They used to share stories and even had a role in promoting each other.

Some of them were even romantically involved. Garcia was a guest on the WINCLY podcast, where she shared her story about Stone Cold Steve Austin. WINCLY asked her about what is her best memory of Stone Cold. "Well the beer [laughs].

Anytime I think of Steve I think of beer," Garcia said before talking about how Austin's post-Raw beer bashes started. "The problem was, at the time I was extremely allergic to beer! So that's how it started where I'm thinking to myself what do I do? I can't say to him that I don't wanna drink this beer with you.

So that's when he started just pouring it on me and it wouldn't go in my mouth. He thought that was the coolest thing ever so that's how it all started." Stone Cold is no longer an active wrestler, but many fans think that he is one of the best wrestlers of all time. He was also the one that helped the WWE win the Monday Night Wars.