Lillian Garcia on WWE's Own Podcast Network

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Lillian Garcia on WWE's Own Podcast Network

The WWE is trying its best to do whatever it takes to beat All Elite Wrestling. They are trying to spread everywhere, and open up new businesses which might help them get the upper hand over AEW. The WWE will be starting its own podcast network soon which might put many other wrestling related podcasts out of business.

Only time will tell whether that will happen or not. Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast is very famous! Garcia is a legendary WWE ring announcer, and she is one of the best when it came to creating interest before a wrestling match began.

That is the reason why the WWE made her work as a ring announcer for some of the most important wrestling matches that took place during her time. She now only makes sporadic appearances in the WWE. Garcia is now basically just a podcaster, although she does work as a ring-announcer for Professional Fighters League.

Garcia’s podcast might get affected by WWE’s podcast network. On the WINCLY podcast, she was asked about whether WWE contacted her to offer her a position. "I congratulate WWE for that and I think they see how podcasts are growing.

We'll see what happens, but I have not had any discussions with them at all," revealed Garcia. "They have been very supportive of allowing me to interview the Superstars and even having Stephanie McMahon on. Even Stephanie thanked me for having a platform for Superstars to tell their stories."