Ryback on Ric Flair and Lynch Issue

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Ryback on Ric Flair and Lynch Issue

There are plenty of WWE superstars that have fought other superstars inside the company legally. That has caused problems for the company in the past, but often times things are quickly resolved. A character’s/wrestler’s ring name is kind of like a brand.

A wrestler definitely does not want to lose that or anything related to it. These days, Ric Flair is trying to trademark “The Man”. This is the phrase used by Becky Lynch. Lynch made a huge name for herself using that phrase, and losing it to Flair can be a huge loss for her.

Former Intercontinental Champion, Ryback spoke about this entire situation. He stated that this will continue for a few months. He regularly speaks against the WWE, but sometimes he gives his unbiased opinion on various wrestling related topics.

He spoke about this on his podcast. "Becky Lynch using The Man and trying to file that trademark, they're going to file for that in Wrestling & Entertainment Services to try and sell merchandise and advertise it at wrestling events.

It is extremely similar to Ric Flair's trademark. It is using the phrase 'The Man' 100 percent," stated Ryback. "What Ric Flair is going to have to do is file 'The Man' also most likely and put a cancel on their trademark and that is going to drag out for a long time, probably between 12-18 months."