Kofi Kingston on FOX Move and Feuds

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Kofi Kingston on FOX Move and Feuds

Kofi Kingston is the current WWE Champion and one of the most famous babyfaces in the WWE right now. Kofi is at the moment enjoying his life. He is the first African born champion in the WWE. Kofi is currently feuding with Randy Orton, and the fued seems quite real.

Some extremely violent moments were produced in the feud and that were quite exciting. Kofi spoke about it on Fox Sports. "The best angles and the best stories always hinge on reality," Kofi said. "Throughout the history of WWE, all the best storylines have a little touch of what's real behind them.

For me, this is very, very real. Everyone is having a great time with the story and so am I, but there's a very real level to it too — very important part." Kofi is apparently enjoying the storyline and probably wants the fued to continue.

Kofi is also excited about Smackdown moving to FOX. FOX is going to hopefully going to boost WWE Smackdown to new levels. "It's a big step for us," Kofi said of the move to Fox. "Fox is huge and for WWE to be on Fox, it's an honor for us to be there.

There's going to be a lot of cross promotion, you're going to be seeing WWE Superstars in a lot of different places, especially when Fox opens up that door. And I think we also, WWE, brings a different demographic to Fox's table as well, so I think it's a perfect partnership and we're all excited for it."