Becky Lynch Gets Fined by WWE

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Becky Lynch Gets Fined by WWE

The WWE has fined Becky Lynch $10,000 recently. It is of course, part of the storyline and she isn’t actually fined. She attacked a WWE referee using steel chair and the WWE wishes to punish her for it. Sasha Banks won as a result of Lynch being disqualified, but she couldn’t get the title.

In the WWE, you can win a title only by pin-fall or submission, which Banks failed to do. Lynch got disqualified after she smashed a referee with a steel chair. She was aiming for Banks, but got the referee instead. It was another classic WWE spot.

We do not know how this will affect the RAW that will air this week, but the WWE may continue this storyline for sometime it seems. The following statement was released by the WWE after Clash of Champions: “Becky Lynch fined for inadvertently striking a referee Becky Lynch has been fined $10,000 for inadvertently striking a referee during her Raw Women's Championship Match against Sasha Banks.

The Man had intended to deliver the chair strike to The Boss but ended up hitting the referee instead. After the referee went down, the title match descended into chaos, as the two rivals took their brawl to the concourse. Stay tuned to WWE digital platforms for any further updates”.