Banks on Injuring Paige

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Banks on Injuring Paige

WWE Wrestlers try to be as safe as possible. They are one of the most well trained wrestlers in the world, but they even make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes lead to serious injuries. A few times, badly performed moves have instantly ended the careers of certain wrestlers.

Neck injuries are super common in the WWE, and most wrestlers retire after suffering a serious neck injury. Sasha Banks made a mistake by kicking former WWE Wrestler, Paige too hard during a live event. That injured her neck very badly, and she had to retire shortly after the injury.

Paige was one of the most talented and popular wrestlers at that time. Banks spoke about causing that injury recently on a WWE Chronicle. "I feel like it was so much," Banks explained. "I felt like so many bad things kept happening and I didn't know how to deal with them.

I think what really started it all, me feeling sad, was the whole Paige situation. That really sucked and having fans destroy me and destroy my work, which I pride myself on so much, and I would never intentionally try to hurt somebody - that really sucked.

It made me question myself as a wrestler”. Banks took significant time off after WrestleMania 35. She lost her tag team title that night and reports emerged that she tried to quit the WWE. That is the reason why she did not appear on WWE TV for a really long time.