The Authors of Pain Return

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The Authors of Pain Return

The Authors of Pain are also called AOP. They are a feared group in the WWE. They are back in the WWE and the WWE released a video in which AOP cut a promo. It is available on the official WWE YouTube page. "My name is Rezar," the promo began.

"My name is Akam," he continued. "Together we're known as AOP, The Authors of Pain." "No one has seen us in a match since before WrestleMania." "There's a very good reason for that.

We haven't had one match since before WrestleMania." "We're fighters. We've been fighting our whole lives. We earn money by fighting." "That's the problem. We come here to fight and everyone complains we're hurting them in the ring."

"Neither one of us could make a living in mixed martial arts because no one wanted to fight us and now we come to WWE and no one wants to fight us." What they are saying is obviously not true. AOP were simply not part of WWE TV for a really long time because the WWE couldn’t find a use for them.

This is according to various reports. The WWE creative team needs to make a very good storyline before they start using certain wrestlers or groups of wrestlers. If they cannot create one, then the wrestlers have to stay off WWE TV. AOP are famous because they are powerful wrestlers and destroy opponents quite easily.