Triple H on Tommaso Ciampa’s Return

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Triple H on Tommaso Ciampa’s Return

Every year a number of talented WWE Superstars are forced to sit out. Injuries are common in the world of professional wrestling, and some of them can end a wrestler’s career. In the real world, wrestling is actually a very dangerous thing to do.

Most famous wrestlers require surgery once in a while to fix problems. Neck injuries can leave a wrestler paralyzed for life. NXT Superstar Tommaso Ciampa is not wrestling at NXT these days. He suffered a horrific neck injury during one of his matches.

Some people even predicted that he will never wrestle again after that injury. Ciampa might prove everybody wrong by making a return soon. He released a video which went viral. In the video, it seemed as if he is ready to return.

Triple H spoke about the video with Wrestling Inc. "He is getting very close," answered Triple H. "When you come down to the end of-unfortunately I've been through a lot of these, when you come down to the end there is this point and time when you are just chopping at the bit.

You're ready to go, you feel like you can move the world. And yet, the doctors are still like, 'Give it a bit more, take it slow.' That last couple of percent to getting to 100% is the most frustrating part” Ciampa is not a very famous wrestler in NXT, but he still has a set of loyal fans.