Johnny Gargano on Being Praised by Vince McMahon

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Johnny Gargano on Being Praised by Vince McMahon

Johnny Gargano didn’t have anyone to help him get to the top of the WWE. He is one of the very wrestlers that made it to the top on his own. He had to start from the bottom and eventually became the WWE United States Champion.

His journey was not an ordinary one. He started in the WWE by playing the role of an elf. He worked a Smackdown event and took on MVP. On the Chasing Glory podcast, Johnny spoke about being praised by Vince McMahon after his match and that he felt he was part of a hollywood movie when he met him.

"We walk into Vince McMahon's office and it's like a movie, Vince is like in a villain chair with his back turned and all of a sudden the chair turns around, he has a newspaper up and slowly lowers it and there he is and he looks at me and says, you look, good kid.

Thank you for doing this and I said, thank you, sir and I left. The show starts, and for some reason, this part is the most I remember from that moment, Steve Austin had a movie coming out, I think it was The Condemned, so there was a trailer playing before my match and I was standing in Gorilla watching The Condemned trailer with Stephanie and Vince McMahon”. Vince McMahon is known for not praising wrestlers and is super demanding.