Johnny Gargano on Being Praised by John Cena

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Johnny Gargano on Being Praised by John Cena

Many veteran WWE wrestlers go out of their way to encourage new talent and young wrestlers. This helps the wrestlers grow and keeps them motivated. A number of WWE veterans and famous wrestlers go to indie events. There, they sometimes meet wrestlers that have the potential to be something special in the future.

Johnny Gargano won the US Title in the WWE. He didn’t have anyone to get him to the top of the WWE. He did it all by himself. Johnny was on the Chasing Glory podcast where he spoke about John Cena praising him after one indie event that he worked.

He stated that he was not sure why he got praised as his match wasn’t that spectacular. "I remember afterwards we were getting ready to do a promo and all of a sudden I feel a hand slap me in the back and it was John Cena and he was like, hey, I saw your guys match, you did great, keep it up.

I said, oh, that was so nice of him, he definitely didn't have to do that. As the night went on we did this promo and we saw John after the dark match and thought, let's go up afterward and thank him for saying stuff so we go up and thank him and he's like, hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that I don't have any power over here but you guys should definitely be signed”.