Teddy Long on Being a Great Manager

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Teddy Long on Being a Great Manager

Professional wrestling managers have played an important role in some storylines in the past. WWE has used many managers that helped the WWE make loads of money. Take Paul Heyman for an example. Paul Heyman currently manages Brock Lesnar and helped get Brock to where he is in the WWE.

Managers are required by most wrestlers who cannot handle their careers themselves. Teddy Long is a WWE Hall of Famer. He started his career managing various wrestlers and then he became a General Manager. He was a baby face manager for the most part.

Teddy Long was loved by the WWE fans. That is why, it was a sad thing to see him go. He still works for the WWE sometimes, but he is not a full-time staff member now. Long spoke about what a good manager has to do with Wrestling Inc.

"What makes a great manager is that you have to have a great mouthpiece. You got to be able to talk. If you can talk a good game and you've got some guys behind you that can back you up, that makes you even greater," said Long.

"To take you back to that, I managed Butch Reed and Ron Simmons back in the day as Doom. I've got two big monsters behind me and I'm a little guy about 90 pounds talking a whole lot of trash but I got the big guys behind me to back it up.

So a manager needs to be a good talker, plus he needs to be a good strategist because sometimes he has to involve himself."