Teddy Long on AEW vs. WWE

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Teddy Long on AEW vs. WWE

Teddy Long is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the best babyface general managers of all time. Teddy has many fans and people loved watching him work. However, Teddy spent many years at the Smackdown GM, and eventually had to be replaced to keep the product fresh.

That does not mean he is totally out of the WWE though. He still works for them from time to time. Teddy Long believes that All Elite Wrestling will not be able to beat the WWE. He also made it clear that he will not join AEW ever although he likes the idea that the WWE has competition now.

He spoke to wrestling inc. about it. "It's always good to have competition. The WWE is always gonna be my home, but I wish much love and success to AEW, ROH, all these guys out there," said Long. "Everybody is trying to make money and I want to see them make money.

Competition is always good and they can do whatever they want but they are not gonna beat the WWE. You can believe that playa." Teddy Long might actually be wrong as many thought that AEW events will not do well. Well, they did do well as some fans are sick of WWE’s product and want something new.

AEW still has a long way to go, there is no question about that, and the first thing they have to do is to win the Wednesday Night Wars.