Becky Lynch on Staying on Top

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Becky Lynch on Staying on Top

Every year, so many superstars come and go in the WWE. there are only a few wrestlers in the world that ever get a chance to be in the WWE, and most WWE wrestlers never win a single title during their time there. Even the best indie wrestlers sometimes struggle to get to the top of the WWE.

Becky Lynch started as just an average mid-card wrestler in the WWE. Many didn’t even give her a chance and her only real opportunity came when she was part of PCB and shared the spotlight with Paige and Charlotte Flair.

Years later, she rose to the top of the company. Lynch was with Yahoo where she spoke about how difficult it is to maintain the top position in the WWE. "It's one thing to get on top and it's a whole other thing to stay there," Lynch said.

"It's all about making sure I keep up interest in storylines on TV, continuing to main event. Being consistent in making people care, making people talk. The more people talk the more I feel like I am doing my job."

She also spoke about the Women’s Evolution "Give us the opportunity — give everyone equal opportunity — and let's see what happens there," she said. "I'm not asking for a free ride or anything like that.

It's about earning your spot and I think that people don't need to be held down because of gender, race, where they come from. It's all about proving your worth as a human and being allowed to be treated as such."