Vince McMahon Opinions on Chad Gable

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Vince McMahon Opinions on Chad Gable

The superstars that get noticed by Vince McMahon usually get pushed in the WWE. The WWE is the biggest promotion of the world and almost all wrestlers work to impress Vince. The only wrestlers that do not wish to impress Vince are the ones that actually rely on their wrestling ability, like CM Punk.

Wrestlers like CM Punk just loved their job and worked to impress the fans not the boss. Chad Gable is a wrestler that is slowly and steadily getting popular in the WWE. He could be pushed for WWE King of The Ring. This is despite him losing to Baron Corbin in the King of the Ring finals.

Vince McMahon is apparently the reason why he will be pushed. This was reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The report suggests that Vince"really likes and appreciates" Gable. Recently, Gable interrupted Corbin’s coronation.

He broke his throne and his crown! The WWE will actually use this as an angle. Many superstars make fun of Gable’s height and this has received some negative feedback from fans online. This is probably what the WWE will use to get him over.

WWE has also filed to trademark "Shorty G" which might be used for Gable in the future. Chad Gable’s future therefore, looks to be bright. Of course, an injury or a badly cut promo might end the entire push, but we are quite sure that chances of that happening are quite low.