People React to Braun Strowman and Keith Olbermann

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People React to Braun Strowman and Keith Olbermann

ESPN and former MSNBC commentator Kieth Olbermann and WWE Superstar Braun Strowman are going at each other’s throats online these days. FOX invited Strowman to be in the booth Joe Davis and John Smoltz. He was there for the MLB game which took place between the Chicago Cubs and the St.

Louis Cardinals. Olbermann wrote, "You guys are kidding, right?" Strowman responded to it by saying, "Yea I know right it's unreal how good I looked on the show today!!!!!!" Olbermann’s comments were not well received by many around the world.

Some people agreed with Olbermann though. There is no doubt that Olbermann considers Braun being in the booth an insult to the legitimate sport that he loves. WWE is known as sports entertainment and not really considered a legit competitive sports.

So most sports people don’t like WWE wrestlers being involved in other sports. WWE wrestlers were obviously on the side of Braun Strowman. WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry wrote, "I would love to bash @KeithOlbermann but it would be a waste of time.

I will cast judgement on who he works for if no apology comes soon. The WWE doesn't deserve his contempt. If WWE fans boycotted his network management would slap his hand.Wake up Keith! @WWE @BustedOpenRadio" Corey Graves wrote, "Sorry @KeithOlbermann, I'm sure it's a tough pill to swallow. You were awesome once, and I'm sure you still are. Where's YOUR soapbox these days? @Brazzers?"