Matt Riddle on Goldberg and Ziggler Video

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Matt Riddle on Goldberg and Ziggler Video

Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler battled each other are Survivor Series. Ziggler lost the match quite easily and Goldberg had to use just 2 moves to beat Ziggler. It was a squash match. Of course, that does not mean that the wrestlers respect each other in real life though.

Many WWE wrestlers still believe that Goldberg is one of the most overrated wrestlers in the world and that he was just at the right place at the right time. Goldberg and Ziggler were in a video which was filmed in Las Vegas.

They were being pulled apart in it. Matt Riddle, who has been ridiculing and fighting Goldberg on social media, said, “Why didn't you try this with me ?? I would have had an even better story for watch along."

Matt Riddle has been very open and criticized Goldberg. He even called him the worst wrestler in the world. Matt Riddle doesn’t like Goldberg because he associates himself with MMA. Matt Riddle is former UFC star and states that Goldberg should keep himself away from the world of MMA.

Goldberg and Matt Riddle met each other at Survivor Series backstage, after Matt talked trash about him on social media. Riddle stated that it was a very tense situation. We do not know whether this is actually part of a storyline or did Dolph actually want to fight Goldberg. Ziggler has not yet commented on the video and we don’t think he will if this was actually something real.