Scott D' Amore on Anthem Acquiring AXS TV

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Scott D' Amore on Anthem Acquiring AXS TV

Impact Wrestling used to be one of the largest wrestling promotions in the world. They were the only real option other than the WWE that wrestling fans had at one time. That is the reason why, Impact Wrestling was doing so well and attracted all of the WWE fans that were disappointed with the WWE product.

Impact Wrestling had some of the best people from the industry working for them. Sting, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair are just to name a few. In fact, some Impact Wrestling wrestlers are actually doing pretty well in the WWE after they left Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling deal with Pursuit Channel was also not working well. This was another reason why many Impact Wrestling wrestlers started leaving the company. Scott D' Amore recently spoke about how big the move to AXS TV is for Impact Wrestling on the Talk is Jericho podcast.

He stated that Anthem acquiring AXS TV will definitely help Impact Wrestling. "We purchased the majority," D'Amore said. "The cool part about this transaction is not only do we now own and control the network (AXS TV), but our partners in it are Mark Cuban, who wrestling fans and others know quite well, and AEG Group, who operates and manages many venues around the country. The synergy with us and our partners now is something we're excited about moving forward with."