Bayley on Whether Her Character is Changing

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Bayley on Whether Her Character is Changing

There are a number of talented WWE Superstars that have to change their characters and keep reinventing themselves in order to remain fresh. A WWE wrestler cannot continue doing the same things over and over again, as the fans might start booing him/her for being boring.

A number of WWE Stars sometimes go from being a baby face to a heel wrestler, and a few WWE fans actually enjoy this move. Other wrestlers spend years working as a babyface or heel and lose their appeal. Bayley made a few headlines when she joined Sasha Banks and performed a few heel wrestler moves.

She beat Becky Lynch with a steel chair, which many people thought signaled her turning heel. Bayley claims that that is not the case. "Nothing's changing [with my character]," Bayley claims on FOX Atlanta. "I know a lot of people are asking about my actions lately, but do you have a best friend? And would you do anything for your best friend? [Well], that's what I've been doing.

Sasha Banks is literally my best friend, the best person I've ever met in my whole life, and I would do anything for her. And if anybody has a problem with her, I have to just be there for her and be by her side. And that's all I'm doing. I'm a champion, kids look up to me. I am a role model."