Bayley Speaks About the Four Horsewomen

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Bayley Speaks About the Four Horsewomen

Certain groups in the WWE have brought forth revolutions in the company. We can take a look at groups like D'Generation X and Evolution. They changed the entire landscape of the business. One of the most influential groups in the world was the nWo which were part of WCW.

Overall, groups and factions have had a major impact on the world of professional wrestling. At NXT, we had the four horsewomen. That group of women actually helped start the women’s revolution in the WWE. Bayley was part of that group.

Recently, she attacked a former member of the group, Becky Lynch. Many people thought that Bayley turned heel after she attacked Lynch, but she clarified on FOX Atlanta that that was not the case. Bayley also spoke about the four horsewomen on Fox.

"We were in NXT together years ago and we all kind of started together, we grew together, and we just had the common goal of wanting to make the women's matches more talked about than the men's matches," Bayley said about the Four Horsewomen.

"Not to put down the men or anything, but it's like, you know what? It's time we main event these shows and it's time they buy the tickets to see us when we're on the marquee, so, that was always our goal and now it's there and we're making headlines everywhere we go."