Becky Lynch recalls her past year in WWE

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Becky Lynch recalls her past year in WWE

Becky Lynch again retained the title over Evans at Stomping Grounds and on the same night helped Universal Champion and real-life boyfriend Seth Rollins retain his title over Baron Corbin after Corbin chose Evans as the guest referee for his match.

Lynch teamed up with Rollins and defeated Corbin and Evans at Extreme Rules in a winner-takes-all mixed tag-team match. Lynch successfully defended her title at SummerSlam against Natalya in a submission match. At Clash of Champions Lynch defended her title against Sasha Banks where the referee got hit by a chair during the match by Lynch causing a disqulification loss but title retention for Lynch.

During a long interview with Yahoo, the Irish superstar recalled her past year in WWE: “I think [the best part of the past year has been] really seeing how invested people get into this and how it has changed people’s perceptions of what you can do as a woman or anybody really — saying enough is enough.

When I first became the Smackdown women’s champion, I felt guilty. I was thinking ‘Oh I’m sorry, I wish everybody could be the champion.’ I played myself down. I realized that it didn’t do myself any favors.

I saw people who weren’t putting in a fraction of the work I was getting handed opportunities, titles, title shots. I looked and said ‘No when I get my chance again this isn’t going to happen again.’ I promised myself it wouldn’t and it hasn’t”.