Steve Austin on the Gift He Had for Triple H

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Steve Austin on the Gift He Had for Triple H

Many professional wrestlers are friends in real life. Some of them are enemies. The wrestlers that are friends usually help each other perform better in the ring. They are also placed in tag teams sometimes and that helps the WWE make money out of people that like working together.

Even though Steve Austin and Triple H hate each other, on the screen, they are very good friends in real life. Austin spoke about a gift he had for Triple H, which he managed to give it to him after keeping it for 1 year with himself.

He bought a large picture of Motorhead. He explained on the Steve Austin Show. "So I picked that picture up, Kristin and I picked it up and put it on the Jeep and it has been sitting in my house for over a year," Austin explained.

"I didn't want to mail it. I didn't want it to break. I didn't want it to get crushed. When WWE was in town, I was out of town. I thought I was just going to take it to the Staples Center, but I never had a way to get it to Triple H.

So finally, when I was going to go to [Madison Square Garden], I said, 'this is my chance to take him this picture and hand it to him personally.' So I took it to him and I said, 'hey man, I found this about a year ago at this meeting and for some reason, I just knew that you had to have it.'