Taz on What Bothered Him During Commentary


Taz on What Bothered Him During Commentary

The WWE in the past have shown that they really wish to keep a good commentary team. Vince McMahon uses the commentators to tell the story and help further storylines. Most casual fans need a good commentary team as they do not know exactly what goes around in the ring.

Commentators like Jim Ross are now known as WWE Legends and made bad matches look extremely good. Taz is also a well-known former WWE commentator. He was a WWE wrestler but had to quit after sustaining too many injuries. Vince McMahon didn’t let him go and placed him on the commenatory table.

Taz spoke about that on the WINCLY podcast. He stated that the transition was not easy, but one thing that bothered him the most was Vince McMahon and Michael Cole talking over each other. Vince McMahon controls the commentators and only allows them to say what he wants them to say.

"He was more helpful than hurtful but there were times when he was too wordy. I'm a firm believer in all announcers need to be produced…In WWE's case it's Kevin Dunn. He's producing in and out of breaks, what graphics are coming up, counting the play-by-play guy into things," stated Taz.

"He was always a little harder on the play-by-play guys than the color commentators because back then the commentators were former champions or former wrestlers. Now the business is different where many commentators weren't champions or never wrestled much”.

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