Taz on Having a Two Man booth


Taz on Having a Two Man booth

Vince McMahon is super hands on with all of his flagship products. He is known to micro-manage these days and doesn’t let any of his staff members create anything on their own. That is the reason why many WWE Superstars quit the WWE.

Other members of staff also leave when they feel like they have had enough. In the past, the WWE used to have a team of two commentators. It worked well in the past, and WWE’s two man team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler was super famous.

The two are now WWE legends. Then WWE decided to introduce the 3 man commentary team. Most fans do not like this. Taz is a former WWE commentator and WWE wrestler. After retiring from professional wrestling, Taz started doing commentary as that is what the WWE wanted from him.

He worked in a 2 man team as well as a 3 man team. He admitted that he liked the 2 man team more than the 3 man team on the WINCLY podcast. "I'm a firm believer in the two-man booth. To me it's a better and easier listen. In some cases, a three-man booth is important for example AEW because they're a new brand and there's a lot of stories that need to be told.

I think that's important as long as the announcers in AEW can get their cadence right," said Taz. "I've worked in both but I've always preferred a two-person booth. Everyone needs to know their role when it's a three-person booth. There has to be a lead and you can't step on each other or it will be a horrible listen”.