Taz discusses AEW vs. NXT on Wednesday nights


Taz discusses AEW vs. NXT on Wednesday nights

Taz is known for his work in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), where he was a two time World Heavyweight Champion, a two time World Television Champion, a three time World Tag Team Champion, a two time (and the inaugural) FTW Heavyweight Champion, and the fourth (and final) ECW Triple Crown Champion.

His World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E) career as an in-ring performer came to an early end in 2002 and subsequently saw him transition into a color-commentary role, which he continued to do until his contract with WWE expired in April 2009.

Two months later, Senerchia debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling at their Victory Road pay-per-view under his previous Taz ring name and eventually reprised his role as a color commentator for TNA's broadcasts, replacing Don West.

During a long interview with WrestlingInc, Taz discussed AEW vs. NXT on Wednesday nights: “Truth be told, I don’t feel like it’s a competition. It’s almost unfair, and this is what I’ve talked about on my podcast, because you have the WWE which has ingrained the audience that wrestling is on the USA Network.

I’m not talking about the hardcore fan, I’m talking about the casual fan – they know when they put the TV on USA Network on Monday, they’re gonna get wrestling. On [Friday], they’re gonna get SmackDown.

They know that. That’s already ingrained in a lot of people. The ambitious task for AEW is to re-educate the audience that wrestling is back on Turner. I think they are starting to do that already which is smart. They’ve gotta compete with one thing, in my opinion, they’ve gotta compete against themselves.

If I worked in AEW, that’s what I would say. We’ve gotta compete against ourselves. We don’t have to compete against Vince McMahon or Triple H or NXT; we’ve gotta compete against us”.

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